March 9, 2011

Letter: Council should pass dog chaining limits – Greenville News

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Letter: Council should pass dog chaining limits – Greenville News
A chained dog typically becomes an aggressive dog. Confined to the radius of the chain, it defends its territory ferociously against any who enter its limited world. Sometimes they turn on their owners, more often they go after those who innocently approach them.

Bad behaviour off the lead could cost dog owners (From Bournemouth Echo) – Daily Echo
How many times do we hear “it’s only being friendly/playing” from an owner who’s dog will not return despite being called? If an uncontrolled, off-lead dog attacks another or bothers another dog on a lead which defends itself, you have two distressed

Mayoral candidate Paula Ryan defends unions – Palm Beach Post (blog)
She emulates the worst in flawed people. Can’t you picture flea-ridden mongrel Ryan as a hound, or a more descriptive female dog term – growling at the boots of her owners, big-buck campaign funding police union bosses. Running with the boys in blue

Fired Humane Society director seeks answers – Sandusky Register
The day before she lost her job, Porter took a sick dog, Manny, to see Metroka free pet food to financially strapped pet owners. The unsanctioned program will be shut down, she said. Even today, Porter defends the program. “It was very small-scale

Man Defends Dog With Gun; Shot, Killed Bullmastiff – KRDO
El Camino Avenue in Colorado Springs told police his greyhound dog was attacked by a bullmastiff. The bullmastiff, Flato, was on a leash but broke away from its owner. The owner of the greyhound was armed and was in possession of his concealed weapons permit.

Man Defends Dog With Gun – Denver Channel
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A man pulled out a gun and shot a dog Tuesday after it attacked his greyhound. The greyhound owner told police he was walking his dog on El Camino Drive at sunset when he saw another dog being walked by its owner. The man said

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